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regard(s) n°2 still life photography


MARCH 2019

For the second issue of Regard(s) magazine, the Fashion Cultures editorial board created mood boards in order to capture still life photography content.


Each photo coincides with a different magazine review written by the students, therefor the selected magazine was central to still life image captured. The aesthetics of Tori's mood board  and final image were based on the covers featured in the photograph.

Mood Board (1).png

Tori and her partner, Deandra Green, photographed multiple covers that were not chosen to be reviewed in the magazine, so they based their still life photo in a colourful, minimalist aesthetic as they were working with so many stylistically different covers. The mood board is reflective of the bright, sharp colours and simple construction they conceptualized, as well as the use of posed hands as props.

Mood Board by Victoria Nergaard [Created with select Pinterest images]

Photographed by Victoria Nergaard & Deandra Green

Photography Assistant: Joan Braun

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