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4oo ans




For their Business of Fashion capstone project the class was instructed to design their own mono-product brand and pitch it to potential investors. Tori's group created designs, campaigns, a business plan, and online platforms for their sunglasses brand "400 Ans" which featured frames made from recycled plastic.

 This content from the group's pitch presentation features brand aesthetics, design, concepts and strategies. The name "400 Ans" is a nod to the number of years it takes for a plastic bottle to decompose while maintaining French brand heritage.

The brand focused on imploring clients to donate plastic bottles in order to contribute to the production process of the glasses while eliminating plastic waste, and the group designed an app concept in order to encourage participation. 

Group Members: Molly Apple, Trevor Chapman, Clara Montré & Victoria Nergaard

Illustrations by Molly Apple

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