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regard(s) n°2 design concept



For Fashion Cultures Tori created these visual essays to depict her design taste in creating the magazine as a class.


Tori chose to structure her essay as a magazine layout, offering two different selections with different colours and photography concepts, but with the same general format, as she does appreciate both styles of photography selected. The central concepts she focused on are use of colour and space, choosing to print one whole page in colour, and leaving intentional empty space.


She also used icon images along the side to depict a mood without a use of large editorial imagery, and layered photos and text to both further the feeling of her design, and use space in a modern way. Tori also flushed the text to the image for the same reason, and used curved and italicized text as she felt it freshened the use of Arial as the font of choice.

Design Concept by Victoria Nergaard

Collected Images by [In order of left to right from top]

Doan Ly

Motoyuki Daifu

Emre Unal (Model: Laura Boegesvang)

The Fashion Cuisine

Doan Ly

Jimmy Marble

Museo Textil de Oaxaca

Lauren De Graaf

Unkown (JW Anderson Lookbook)

Ana Beluna (Model: Jennifer Bucovineanu)

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