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ami perfume campaign




For Fashion Branding at Parsons Paris, Tori designed, nous, a concept of the first perfume for AMI by Alexandre Mattiussi. Inspired by a conversation with a family member, Tori chose to create a small collection of genderless scents which are formulated to be layered to create a custom, exclusive perfume for each wearer.

ami perfume campaign

 The collection features four unique scents from different families, named after models and actors who work closely with the brand, allowing clients to create a scent that best suits them depending how they choose to layer them. The campaign features the concept of layering by layering bodies of models together in campaign imagery. The photos create a dictionary of friendship by layering hands in different ways, showing the ways we communicate intimately through touch, mimicking the way the scents interact when layered on the skin.

The campaign video  would be set in a Parisian apartment, close to the brand's Parisian identity, and would feature contemporary dance inspired by the choreography of Emma Portner as is featured in the mock-up. This choreography also features layered bodies, sculpture and partner work, and is set to French yé-yé pop song "Ton Meilleur Ami" by Françoise Hardy to emulate the kitsch meets chic elements of the AMI brand.

The bottle and packaging features the AMI du coeur logo blown into the corner of the glass bottle, so when assembled together the bottles create the full heart in the same way as a kitschy friendship necklace. This emphasizes the togetherness of the scents, and each beanie-shaped cap-- inspired by M. Mattiussi's famous beanie-- is colour coded for each different scent, maintaining modern simplicity in the bottle design. Each bottle also comes with a "pen pal" style letter suggesting pairing options to those new to the contemporary world of scent layering.

This work was featured at the inaugural Parsons Paris Benefit gala in January 22nd 2020.

This work was selected by Alexandre Mattiusi of AMI as one of two winning branding concepts and will be presented during F/W 20 Paris Fashion week at Parsons Paris.

Photo Assistant: Tom de Peyret

Professor: Justin Morin

Models: Lama Alissa, Shawn Fletcher & Or Rosenblum

Special thanks to Alexandre Mattiusi & the AMI team

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