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ma fashion studies thesis


JUNE 2019 - MAY 2020

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Over the course of a year, Tori chose to research and write on a topic she is passionate about, 

fashion magazines, for her final thesis project for her Masters in Fashion Studies at Parsons Paris.

fashion studies thesis

Tori chose to focus on FLARE magazine under Suzanne Boyd as EIC to analyze how national identity is represented in fashion magazines, a very timely topic as the fashion print industry and concept of fashion cities are both deeply influenced during our current hyper-globalized era.

parsons-fashion-studies-catalogue-bleu 2

Tori looked to journalistic articles, editorial photography as well as editors letters to understand how Canadian identity is relayed through FLARE.

parsons-fashion-studies-catalogue-bleu 2

Due to COVID-19, the Parsons MAFS 2020 class could not exhibit their research, however, a publication was created to present their work in a magazine format.

Tori is currently in the process of publishing this thesis project.

To read her thesis, please contact Tori through the message box on the "ABOUT" page to receive a current copy of her thesis.

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