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conservation/preservation magic/science


MAY, 2019

From May 17-19 Tori participated in the installation of an exhibition at the Mona Bismark House in Paris titled "The Anatomy of the Fashion Museum" which outlined the many aspects of fashion curation. The topics of this exhibition ranged from collecting, inventorying, exhibiting, and that of Tori's installation, conserving.


Tori's group worked alongside the Musée Palais Galliera in Paris studying Maison Margiela's famous jacket-wig from his S/S 2009 collection to conclude that the process of conservation is both scientific in the amount of research and trial and error that produces it, as well as magical as it freezes time around the object and maintains its intangible aura.

For the exhibition the group constructed an Aby Warburg grid, where one side, which represented magic, featured transformative images and media of the jacket-wig showing its shift from reality into the space of the museum. This side also included the group's own research sketches and photography tracing the transformation of the jacket-wig. On the other side the group represented science, displaying tools of conservation as well as hangers representing the scientific process of conserving a garment, and this informative video on their experience working with the jacket-wig.

Group Members: Molly Apple, Nicolette Contursi, Or Rosenblum & Victoria Nergaard

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