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regard(s) n°2 photo shoot


MARCH 2019

Regards Tori10.jpg

When it was decided Tori's article would be published in Regard(s) Magazine's second issue alongside two other students, she felt the editorial group needed proper visuals to support the text.

Tori assembled a photoshoot team and in less than two days they executed this Paris-inspired photoshoot for their magazine under her creative direction. 

The three topics of the shoot are the influence of brand aesthetics in sponsored content on the aesthetic of magazines, how major fashion locations who posses localized fashion publications such as Vogue construct fashion as a concept in comparison, and the lack of lesbian representation in magazines due to the male gaze. 

Ultimately, the photos are representative of article themes while maintaining a united aesthetic for these magazine articles. Nicolette Contursi & Tori Nergaard focused on cohesiveness and a strong colour pallet for the overall photoshoot and used three mood boards to depict the creative direction that each shoot was inspired by. 

Photographed by Nicolette Contursi & Victoria Nergaard

Creative Direction lead by Victoria Nergaard

Assisted by Deandra Green & Amanda Stedman

Models: Clara Montré, Nicolette Contursi & Amanda Stedman

A Special Thanks to Svitlana Solboyeva & Clara Montré

Mood Boards by Victoria Nergaard

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